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Gratitude in the Tiny Moments

mindset May 20, 2020

Over the past two months, life has slowed and quickened, all at the same time.  I relate the slowness to simpleness.  Reminders of the way I grew up - lots of outside play, family dinners, movie nights, quiet time to read, boredom - (the kids, not me!).  There's no rushing around from activity to activity, which has been more than amazing.  I wonder if I'll ever want to go back.  

I feel myself getting anxious as I hear more cars on the road.  Life is slowly re-opening, and I sit on my porch wondering if I'm ready for re-entry.  Every single inch of me needed this quarantine.  Yes, there was fear.  Yes, it was hard.  But I feel healed when I didn't even know I needed healing.  

This morning I went for a run - headphones on, music pumping.  All of a sudden I felt nudged to take off my headphones and slow down.  I turned off the music and cooled down from my run.  I wasn’t sure where I was...

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Pilates Imperfect

movement May 13, 2020

#pilatesimperfect is the community hashtag I use on Instagram. (Come follow me @balancedtothecore.)  I use it as a reminder to be softer with myself.  To have more grace.  To not be so critical.

It was about 5 years ago when I filmed my first Pilates workout.  All I can say is ”ugh”.  I was completely caught off guard.  In my mind and body, I felt like a gazelle, strong and graceful, supple and fierce.  But oh man, the camera caught something completely different.  In my body I felt aligned and beautiful, but when I saw myself on the screen, I wasn’t even close to looking how I felt.  To say I was disappointed, would be an understatement.  I was deflated.  So deflated that I stopped filming videos.  Hence, a two year hiatus from starting my dream online business.  

Years later, I tried filming again.  (My dream was too big to put on the back-burner).  I decided that this time around, I...

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Does Soreness Mean it Was a Good Workout?

movement May 06, 2020

With our favorite gyms and studios closed for the time being, we all have been looking to "at-home workouts" to fill the void.  I thought it would be a good time to help you monitor what an effective workout really means.

For many people, their indicator is “soreness”, but I want you to try to steer clear from that right now, because there’s too many factors involved with that ides such as -

  • How predisposed you are to getting sore?
  • How intensely did you move?
  • How frequently did you do the same movement?
  • What was your activity level before?
  • Did you overuse the muscles which can eventually lead to injury?

As you get stronger, you may develop sore muscles, but this is no indication of whether the workout was “good” or not. 

As an instructor, I like to tell my students to consider me as their guide.  I can suggest where to go with an exercise or workout, I can coach and inspire, but I am not the reason for their effective OR ineffective...

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Empowerment in Times of Turbulence

mindset Apr 29, 2020

I've been procrastinating a lot with this blog post.  Lately, I just feel blah.  A lack of inspiration and a heavy uneasy feeling lies beneath the surface of everything I do.   

In the past I would ignore this feeling and just push through it, but not now. 

I've got tools now, many that I've taught to the BTC community.  These tools help me work through the uneasy so I live it, feel it, and then release it.  Acknowledge it, embrace it, then move through it.  I can't let it stay stuck in me, otherwise it will grow and turn into something really ugly. 

It's hard do the work.  Sometimes life hits us at a speed so fast and with an impact so hard, we're left feeling bewildered, fearful, and overwhelmed.  How do we get through without totally collapsing in a heap of tears on the bathroom floor?

Someone recently described to me that we are going through a time of metamorphosis and right now we are in the cocooning...

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Your Power is in the Pelvis

movement Apr 08, 2020

If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class, then you’ve probably heard the term “neutral pelvis”.  It’s a term many contemporary teachers use, but Joseph Pilates didn’t actually use the term when he taught his students, he would just sort of push them into place and make them feel it in their body.  

Once his students felt that incredible stability in their body, they never forgot the feeling.  It feels superhero like!  It’s the most shock absorbing position for the body. Meaning, when you have a neutral pelvis, you’re in the strongest and most aligned position so the rest of your body is free to move without overworking, and all of the support comes from your center.  

The pelvis is the center of your body.  It includes your hip bones and your pubic bone, forming a triangle in the front and back of the body. 


The pelvis is home to the powerhouse or core, where the upper body...

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Welcome to the New Normal

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

It happened.  The breakdown. 

The weight of it all hit hard.  It was suffocating, frightening, confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming all at the same time.    

And I let myself feel it.  I didn’t label it. I didn’t judge it. I just felt it. I let it take over me.  I let it consume me.

And then I allowed it to move through me.  I could feel it wanting to move. I kept it moving by breathing through it with big deep long breaths like we do in Pilates. 

And then I felt it. I felt the release. I could actually feel the weight lift. I felt lighter. Calmer. And then something big took over me and it felt lovely.  It was magical.

It was Faith.  And it was taking over the fear.

At that moment I felt strong. Calm. Clear. And most importantly, OK.  I felt OK.

We are going to get through this.

I’ve got two young boys who are watching my every move during this crazy time.  I want them to remember...

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Together We Will Rise

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

Currently I’m reading Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill.  It’s one of those books that has been sitting in my bookcase for months, maybe even years and I decided to pull it out the other day.  Talk about Divine Timing.

Hill wrote this book in the 1930s, right after he wrote Think and Grow Rich, one of the bestselling success books of all time.  His wife and close friends talked Hill into not publishing the book, they worried how his audience would respond to it, since he’s talking to the devil for most of it. The book was not published until 2011 by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

In the book, Hill and The Devil discuss hypnotic rhythms - when large populations get caught up in a similar way of thinking and living (it’s why surrounding yourself with uplifting people is so important).  Hypnotic rhythm affects our habits - how we think, what we do, our daily vibration, our circumstances. They also discuss the concept of drifting - like...

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Repair, Realign, Relearn Your Body

movement Mar 10, 2020

I’ve had several conversations recently about back pain.  I did some research and did you know 80% of doctor visits are due to some sort of back pain?  80%!

In my experience as a Pilates instructor and working with hundreds (if not thousands) people in my 20 years of teaching, much of our back pain results from how we hold ourselves and how we move.  With our modern lifestyle, it’s imperative we learn how to control our body. Things like movement patterns, posture, and alignment need to be part of our daily awareness.

Currently, I’m sitting at Starbucks.  It’s packed with people at every table.  As I look around, there is NOT ONE person holding themselves in alignment!  There are teenagers, middle aged, and elderly people - no young kids - and EVERYONE is hunched forward, slouched, and sinking into their spines.  More than half of the customers are in front of a phone or computer, but even those not on a device are also...

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How I Learned to Love My Hater

mindset Mar 04, 2020

Recently I received a pretty harsh comment on my YouTube channel.  It’s interesting because, years ago, the reason why it took me so long to start a YouTube channel was because I worried about the negative comments .  Always a people pleaser, I was nervous about people not liking me. I was worried I wasn’t good enough.  

You name it, I was worried about it.

Not sure how I did it, but I started anyway.  I think my mission was much bigger than the fear.

I can remember all the negative comments throughout the past three years.  I can actually repeat them word for word. It’s amazing how the negative things can stick so closely to us, yet the positive?  They come and go…

Here’s the thing, the reason I’m writing about this particular comment from this week is because...are you ready????...it didn’t bother me!  I read the comment and quite honestly, was taken back by my inner dialog. I didn’t go down...

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Age Proof Your Body

movement Feb 25, 2020

I’ve been in pain for months.  At least three months. Two weeks ago, when the pain was at its worst, I pulled out all stops.  I went to my tool belt and took my own advice. 

The pain was radiating down my arm and through my fingers.  It was constant and dull - with spurts of shooting intensity, that would wake me up several times a night.  Before doing anything drastic, I wanted to see if I could feel better with my tools.

I had already stopped writing and kept typing to a minimum, I outsourced a bunch of my editing so I wouldn’t be hunched over my computer for hours.  (On a positive note, it made me prioritize what I did spend time on.)  I made all the adjustments, but still...the PAIN…

Instead of searching and honing in on the actual pain, I re-evaluated “me”.  I went back to the basics.

  • Fuel my body with nutrients.
  • Move my body.
  • Rejuvenate with rest. 

Most importantly, I needed to...

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