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Together We Will Rise

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

Currently I’m reading Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill.  It’s one of those books that has been sitting in my bookcase for months, maybe even years and I decided to pull it out the other day.  Talk about Divine Timing.

Hill wrote this book in the 1930s, right after he wrote Think and Grow Rich, one of the bestselling success books of all time.  His wife and close friends talked Hill into not publishing the book, they worried how his audience would respond to it, since he’s talking to the devil for most of it. The book was not published until 2011 by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

In the book, Hill and The Devil discuss hypnotic rhythms - when large populations get caught up in a similar way of thinking and living (it’s why surrounding yourself with uplifting people is so important).  Hypnotic rhythm affects our habits - how we think, what we do, our daily vibration, our circumstances. They also discuss the concept of drifting - like when you're in the water and the current slowly takes you away from where you started and you didn’t even realize you were floating away.  It happens slowly, without awareness. It's how many of us were living our lives - until now. Now we are awake, no longer living on autopilot. 

We are listening.  Now it’s up to us to be the change.  Change is the only constant in this world, we certainly can’t avoid it.  So let’s BE it. In order to be the change, we’ve got to shed the old. What’s something you’ve been procrastinating over or holding back on? Now is the time to let it go.  This is a time for massive self healing. We need to shed what no longer serves us - old beliefs, old stories.  Whatever you are struggling with or that is holding you back needs to be released. 

We have a deep deep deep rooted power within us. It’s always been there. We need to bring it out to help heal our world. Your light needs to shine. We need it more than ever.

The resistance will hinder you.  Change is inevitable. It does not need to be feared and it doesn’t need to be something bad.  It’s how we decide to perceive it. Right now most of us are being “forced” to stay at home.  It's inconvenient.  For many people it means not making money.  Balancing homeschooling kids while keeping up with your own job. Taking care of family members. Completely off routine. It can be extremely stressful.  But it's during periods of great stress that we find our inner strength and will.

There is huge suffering. It sucks. It hurts. We must pray. We must focus on the healing.  We must change our thinking from how am I going to get through this to how can I serve? We must change our attention from “what is” to where we’re going.  We can’t get lost in the fear. Because if we do, we will lose. We must take care of those who need our help. We must lose the me and connect with the we. We are strong. We are deeply powerful. And when this power connects with another power, together we are even stronger.  Let’s do this together. Let’s heal, unite, and connect as one, it’s the only way to get through. Together we can rise. People are already stepping up and it’s AMAZING.

It still feels weird not to run around from activity to activity, feeling frazzled by my daily calendar of events.  Always running, never BEING. Always having something to DO.  

It’s exhausting thinking about it.  Jammed schedules with less living and connecting.

These days I still have to remind myself that I don’t have to be anywhere, it’s so ingrained in me.  But it’s slowly dissipating. I find myself more and more settling into a calming rhythm. I’m taking time to reflect, to meditate, to Be.  My kids are learning how to do that more too.  We're finding more grace for each other.  We're finding more space.  Space is where our souls find the joy.

We do scavenger hunts, journal writing, family four square, hopscotch, and sometimes we veg on the couch all morning and do nothing but watch movies TOGETHER.  The simple things. The simple life.  

I send love and strength to all those on the front lines and those sick and hurting.  May they stay safe and healthy. I send love out to you. May we get through this together and become stronger than ever before.

Something new is happening to serve humanity.  The world is telling us to slow down. We can’t go on the way things were.    

I’m interested, what’s something you normally did that you will no longer do?  What do you need to shed that no longer serves you? How are you going to change?  What have you been holding back on?  Let me know in the comments!

AND if you need an outlet, I teach live virtual Pilates classes.  I'm trying to help people stay consistent with their health.  And what these classes have taught me is that we NEED to stay connected.   You can check out the weekly class schedule here

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