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Now, more than ever, we need to find balance, strength, community, and connection in our life.

The Core Club provides quick & effective at-home Pilates workouts to help you feel good in your body again. You’ll gain strength, tone up and boost your confidence in a way that you never thought possible - supportive community included!


As A Core Club Member You Will Receive:

  • 5 NEW LIVE-STREAMED Pilates workouts EVERY WEEK where you can interact with Gretchen and the rest of the community
  • A Monthly Workout Calendar (workouts range from 20-60 minutes)
  • Monthly Missions (to focus on one area of mental/emotional well-being)
  • An Interactive Community of like-minded peeps
  • Mobile Friendly for on the go
  • Access to all Balanced To The Core programs  and challenges

Here's what other's say about working with Gretchen.

"Gretchen's all the things you'd want in a trainer: patient, articulate, sensitive to your body, tough when necessary - above all, she knows her stuff and she knows how to communicate that knowledge in a way that sticks."

Business Owner

"With Gretchen's help I was able to change my view of "healthy". I learned to nourish my body with the right types of food so that I can eat without feeling deprived.    Best of all I learned a new lifestyle that has me feeling the best I've felt in a long time."

Marketing Executive

"I love doing Gretchen's workouts. I get an intense full body workout and she gives many options or substitutions depending on what your level of physical fitness is.  You'll see results and get the definition you have always wanted. She explains the exercises in an easy to understand way and always reminds you of what you should be doing or feeling along with what you shouldn't so that you do not get injured and it reaffirms that you are doing the exercise correctly. And to top it off she does it with a smile! "

Amanda Diehl-Hulen
Professional Ballet Dancer

By following The Core Club's monthly workout calendar you can expect to:

  • Reduce your workout time but see better results!
  • Build core strength so your everyday activities feel much more efficient.
  • Improve posture and flexibility.
  • Feel supported and encouraged by a community of like-minded people.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels.

The Core Club is Right for You if...

You want something to fit your busy schedule
You're looking for an affordable program that's convenient for YOU
You're craving connection
You want to be part of a community with similar goals
Yes, I want in!

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